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We are a smart solution provider, equiping businesses with strong AI and IoT enabled technology. Our roots are in the field of Java and embedded software. The company is focused on open standards technology, and on open, modular and neutral software platforms for service providers and device manufacturers to deploy apps and services.

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Innovative & Dynamic

Innovative & Dynamic

Our curiosity to explore helps us build transformative innovations.



Our approach is data-driven and we create the solutions that would suit your business.

Flexible & Robust

Flexible & Robust

Our scalable technology is flexible enough to expand when required, with robust and strong architecture.

Global Approach

Global Approach

We work in collaboration and share responsibilities. Like our solutions, our team is global.

data and innovation

Innovative & Data-Driven

Vitisoft is a company that was formed by people who love technology and work to help create solutions by using technology to empower mankind.

We are driven by innovation and data. We work in a way that assists us in transforming data into actionable insights. Raw data does not capturing its true value, and by going beyond descriptive analytics, we deliver real recommendations. Our systems are smart and artificially intelligent, which integrate in existing workflow, so the right person is enabled to take right actions at the right time.

Our proprietary solution is built in a modular fashion, so it can work in range of areas. Our platforms help improve speed, efficiency and effectiveness across operations while de-stressing user assets. We harness, normalise and store real-time data and analyse it to gain insights to build a comprehensive big picture. Our solutions enable companies to take right action at the right time for maximum efficiency and value.

We want to empower our user and help them in every way possible, hence, we employ transparency, strong ethics, and futurist outlook towards our work. Our cloud-based technology can be used in products and services for all markets, such as smart homes, schools, hospitals, connected vehicles, travels & many other industries.

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  • Australia Office: 184 Manor Lakes Blvd, Manor Lakes, Victoria, Australia - 3024

  • Mail Us: info@vitisoft.com

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