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Vitisoft AI-Advertising Solution Square-AD - Making content broadcasting simpler

Vitisoft's Square-AD is a state-of-the-art cloud based advertising solution for advertisers and content creators. It is designed in a way so that it can give the control back to the creators and advertisers. It is designed with an intelligent structure, where it will keep the system running without your oversight and keep the health of the system in check. Square-AD is built from ground up, using our propietary technology called E-MEDHA. It is intelligently crafted and designed to be super responsive. The system is completely browser-based, cloud-based and AI-enabled so you don't have to worry about anything beyond your craft.

What is Square-AD?

Square-AD is a powerful content management tool for digital signage networks of all sizes. Our cloud-based software gives digital networks the ability to scale as needed, while simultaneously providing 24/7 remote backup of the network. Square-AD was designed with a clean UI for ease of use, and built with all the tools and back-end functionality that would be needed for most industries and most secure digital signage networks.

Complete Control

Square-AD gives you full control over the deployed devices based on location zones, or you can completely focus on individual devices. You can design your device layout to customising every minute detail.

With Square-AD you also get an IoT enabled device that can convert your display into a smarter AI-enabled display that you can control using our system.

Some Awesome Features

Support up to 4k

Square-AD is built to be future proof, so, our system is 4k/2k/1080p/720p output capable. It is Wi-Fi supports with options for 3G or 4G modem.

Purely Browser-based

Zero Software Installation and you can access the software through any browser, so work on it from anywhere anytime using a PC, MAC or a tablet.

Serious Security

We understand that the security is important to you, because your content is unique and your competitive advantage. Hence, we take security very sincerely. It is a super-secure cloud based system.

Actionable Analytics

World class analytics based on media, content, zones, displays etc. telling you about most consumed and effective media. Device analytics that show high performing devices, and device health statistics over a period.

Some more Awesome Features


Design your content the way it will be viewed on the digital screen. Then, edit and schedule your content with ease.

Playlist Scheduler

You can schedule playlists for your entire signage network, using our playlist scheduler. Just hit play!

Customisable Layouts

We give you complete control of creative design of the content and program. Screen can be divided as you want, with full customisation.

Industry Specific Program Templates

Fully customisable wide variety of Program Templates based on specific industry.

Full Widget Support

With Live Data Integration so you can add RSS, News, Weather, Sports and other live data feeds. Further, the system supports full Social Media Integration.

Play & Play

The system is completely cloud-based. All you need to do it register the number of device we us and you are ready to go.

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